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Poppy Ray

Shirt “Make Do & Mend” cotton vintage white S XXL

Shirt “Make Do & Mend” cotton vintage white S XXL

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Make do and mend – this phrase originates from the Second World War and was intended to encourage people in Great Britain, due to the shortage of materials, to make new things out of old things and to work with materials that were already available.
Fortunately, there is no war in our country at the moment, but the problem of our time is a completely different one. We live in absolute abundance. More is produced than is needed, and much of it is simply thrown away. The devastating consequences for the environment, the people on whose backs the low prices are achieved and therefore of course for us too, are becoming increasingly clear.

So this sentence takes on a new meaning today. Instead of throwing away broken things, we should try to repair them. Instead of buying new things, see what we can do with old things.

We can buy from small, sustainable labels right from the start. This means we can enjoy our products for a long time.
Today, our consumer behavior is the greatest political influence we have. By starting small, we can make a big difference.

The illustration is by the Canadian artist Nathalie Rattner , the layout and handlettering by the Berlin graphic designer St.Anchor Graphics and was designed exclusively for Poppy Ray.
The motif is in a beautiful orange-red and brown. The shirt is a tight-fitting Fairtrade Girly Shirt from the Stanley/Stella brand in the color Vintage White. Please note that this shirt is a little wider than the Selfmade Lady Shirt.
The shirt is made of 100% combed ring-spun organic cotton.

Screen-related color variations may occur.

The motif is approximately 25cm wide. Please note that it is always printed in the same size. The proportions may therefore vary depending on the shirt size.

The size information in cm according to the manufacturer can be found as a graphic in the product images. The shirt is available in sizes XS-XXL.

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